Newington Cemetery
Newington Cemetery
Newington Cemetery
Newington Cemetery


Tony Harris, Robin MacCormick, Barbara McNaught, Carolyn Walker, Ellen-Raissa Jackson, Barbara Blows, Dave Stone, Ann Ness.


Morag MacCormick, Iain Wilson, Lise Tole, Dennis Stevens.

Plans for Doors Open Day

We had agreed to mark the centenary of the end of WW1 by featuring individuals commemorated at the CWGC Screen Wall. Tony suggested that we tie this in to the Year of Young People, covering ages 8 – 26 and focus on young people who are buried in the cemetery.

TH has researched the stories of two young soldiers and will look into a third. We already have research on James Muirhead, a schoolboy who was the first burial in the cemetery, but Tony will ask Dennis whether he can do any additional research on the school.

ERJ’s partner has researched the Dods grave, which records the deaths of four children in a family as a result of typhus. We are looking for suggestions for a young woman who could be featured. ERJ will look into Alice Salomon who is buried in the Jewish section, but any other suggestions are very welcome.


The route will go from the entrance, to the right of the roundel (Dods), down the path to Muirhead and along to the screen wall. We will mark out the route with the arrows and volunteers can provide a guided walk on demand. DS to look into a map.

Working party (preparation)

The next working party is 17 September. We will tidy up the featured graves (particularly Muirhead), catacomb steps, bench near the screen wall and cemetery entrance.

Working party on DOD

CW to order compost and plan out where to dig to prepare for planting by the screen wall. It was agreed that EDOD would be too early to do the actual planting, so we will aim to have this done by 11/11/2018. ERJ to ask whether the Inch have any leftover plants that we can plant along the entrance railings.

Young People’s Activities

ERJ to organize some crafts activities for young visitors and sowing seeds to commemorate the young people who were killed as a result of the first world war: poppies, cornflowers, and ox-eye daisies.

Volunteers on the day

We will need volunteers to help set up in the morning and to guide/greet visitors on the day. BMcN will co-ordinate this. Volunteers for the working party during DOD are also very welcome – CW to coordinate.



BMcN to draft and circulate a poster. No leaflets this time as the poster and social media were more effective last year. TH to send email versions to local organisations.

Info sheets

DMcN to send ERJ template for new info sheets. TH to write up CWGC sheets, ERJ to do Dods and one other, DS (possibly) to do Muirhead. All featured graves to be reprinted and laminated.


BB has had interesting inquiries about common grave areas. TH and DS have discussed and suggest it is something we could look into further, possibly with the intention of putting up plaques to commemorate them (this would need a grant).

BB – will send round an email with a suggested date for taking part in the UK butterfly count. This is a 15-minute count (so the whole thing should only take about 30 minutes).

Iain Wilson and William Walker are planning a new bird survey.

Notice board – ERJ to draft a short notice to put in the glass case at the cemetery entrance.

NEXT WORKING PARTY – Monday 17 September

DOORS OPEN DAY – Sunday 30 September (1.30 – 4pm)